Adrien Anthony began playing drums atop a Quaker Oats container that his mother fashioned around his neck to keep him from breaking the coffee table. Raised on a healthy diet of Motown that his parents listened to, he developed an early love for music. As an adolescent, he discovered punk rock, and a music that finally spoke to him. He joined his first band in High School, and within a few short months was playing the Hollywood club circuit. Since then, Adrien has traveled, and performed extensively with many different musical groups, has appeared on dozens of albums, as well as having many songs place in television, and movies. He continues to love music. Adrien plays Mayer Bros. Drums, Aquarian Drum Heads, Vater Drums Sticks, Fender Guitars, and Amps, wears South Bay Skates Clothing, Crown Deluxe Sunglasses, and LOVES The Los Angeles Dodgers!

Kevin Keller was raised as a young ‘un on the Beatles, The Monkees and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Then one day his older brother brought home Deep Purple’s Machine Head, Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, and Led Zeppelin III. And that was that. After playing in the usual metal and punk rock cover bands during and after high school like every other hesher kid his age, Kevin bummed around in the 80’s and early 90’s as a singer and guitarist with his quirky Americana/Country band The Dashboard Messiahs, releasing a self-produced album and playing at local venues such as The Roxy and Bogart’s. For the next several years Kevin returned to his hardcore roots with the Danzig/Motorhead-influnced One Bad Eye, playing alongside former Genocide bass player and current film and music video director Bob Sexton. In 2001 Kevin was offered the position of bass player for cowpunk pioneers Blood on the Saddle and spent the next five years recording and touring with the outfit, also contributing his songwriting, backup vocals and beer money. Around 2005, with Blood on the Saddle entering a dormant stage, Kevin found himself in high demand for his bass playing and diversified his portfolio by playing for a wide array of local acts including New York-L.A. transplant roots-rockers The Dark Horses, punk rock-charged Americana power trio Jr. Juggernaut, ex-Gameface frontman Jeff Caudill, and Jonathan Hall’s (Angry Samoans, Backbiter) Dylan-meets-Stooges-styled Motorcycle Black Madonnas. In addition to these bass spots, Kevin also spent time as lead singer and guitarist for hopped-up country instigators The Curbhounds. Since 2008, Kevin has been recording and touring with former Lazy Cowgirls frontman Pat Todd, as guitarist for Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders. Along with occasional solo gigs and other side projects, you’ll often find Kevin filling both guitar and bass spots for various friends, including L.A. roots mainstay and Motels founder Dean Chamberlain, and North Carolina’s Hank Sinatra.

Jonpaul Balak has been making and studying music for well over 20 years. He holds a BA in Musicology from UCLA and has delved into a wide array of musical traditions--everything from Early Western Music to North Indian Hindustani to Japanese Honkyoku. Presently, he enjoys focusing on Exotica and instrumental surf rock and performs as a full time member of The Tikiyaki Orchestra and Insect Surfers. In recent years, he has also had the privilege of playing bass with The Ghastly Ones, Project Pimento, 3 Balls of Fire, The Boardwalkers and The Disasternauts, among others. He lives in Venice, CA, surrounded by artifacts of Polynesian Pop and Tiki culture.

Alan Thomas - Insert Photo Here

Los Angeles native Alan Thomas’ proclivity for music reared its head at six or seven years old when he took a liking to hitting the furniture with a pair of Phillips head screw drivers. No one made the connection until some time later when Alan was caught stealing a pair of real drum sticks from the school orchestra. Fast forward a whole bunch of years and Alan is now a singer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist, and veteran of many almost completely unheard-of L.A. bands such as Boyd & Floyd, The Tall Chinesers, Small Favours, The Spectyrs and many others which are best (and mostly have been) forgotten. Alan has performed as a drummer, guitarist, bassist, and singer at many of Southern California's best music venues, and very nearly all of the worst ones. Alan’s musical influences run the gamut from The Beatles to X, Led Zeppelin to The Pixies, AC/DC to Crowded House, The White Stripes to The Black Keys, and whole lot more. Alan uses ProMark sticks to hit Paiste cymbals, and Ludwig drums with Remo, and Evans heads. He plays Fender and Rickenbacker guitars through Fender and Marshall amplifiers.

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